Let’s Do It….

Each person, each one of you has a great potential to have a great success.

 Yet, the most important question is:

 What you are willing to do to realize that great potential of yours and have great results?

 Unfortunately many people misunderstand that point, living their life with wrong concepts, thinking they are “missing” something or they just wait for the “right” circumstances so they can realize their great potential…

 Are you fed up with the economic situation?

 Do you keep banging your head against the wall that prevents you from reaching your dreams?

 Do you know that you can have more than what you actually have?

 Do you have goals and dreams but don’t get any support?

 Have you lost your faith that you deserve to succeed?

 Do you have fears?

Do you want to change that entire situation?

If you answered YES to all those questions… then you are in the right place !

Are you familiar with that inner voice ? that tells you:

Yes, you can reach all your dreams and goals… Yes, you can live your life not affected by the economic situation… Yes, you can be a successful person… Yes, you can live without any fears…”

You can change your life, to have better relations, better health, and more wealth…

And I can show you the HOW…

The purpose of this web page is to serve you !

To give you the right “tools” so you’ll be able to see yourself and actually be in a better place than the present situation in your life.

I will give you the keys for those secrets which only a small group of people know (did you know that only 5% of the population are successful?)

I will help you to find the meaning for your life (there is a reason why we are here on planet Earth)

I will let you feel your own life energy (everyone talks about our energy, I’ll make you feel it)

I will help you build knowledge and awareness that will change your life and you’ll be able to reach whatever you want (to have a winning image and goals settings)

And the most important…

I will be with you guiding and supporting you, until the moment you decide to continue your new life journey on your own.


(That’s where most people fail…)

Your first and most important step for successful life…

is to decide that you WANT it !

Let me remind you… Whatever decision you make, there is a price to pay…

Staying in the “old” familiar comfort zone, you pay the price of being miserable.

Moving towards your success, you pay the price of being in new and unfamiliar zone.

So decide what you want: to stay miserable for life or a Successful person… ???

When you decide that you want Success… You are welcome to join me on Jacob’s Ladder and together we’ll climb step by step on the ladder towards your success.

And even also for you the successful person that everyone tells you: “What a great job you have and a good salary… How nice is your house… How beautiful are your wife and kids”…

And yet, something inside you… something makes you feel not that perfect. You hear that inner voice which tells you that you can do and have more…

I can help you find that calmness that will put you on a better track, where you’ll be able to find those important things that can help you create a bigger success in your life.

Tell me WHAT you WANT And I’ll show you the HOW…

I want to share with you some of the questions I was asked and you might have as well:

Q: What is so Unique in that knowledge that make such success?

A: The knowledge I teach is ancient, that was passed from generation to generation during thousands of years. Millions of people worldwide who have used this knowledge, were able to modify and improve their results, many thousands of them even became millionaires.

In the recent generations this knowledge was collected and re-edited in a “dressed-up” form to fit the times in which we live.

The biggest advantage of this knowledge is that it deals with the soul and mind of humans. A person who is aware of and knows how to control these forces can achieve the results he wants, even if the external conditions such as environmental and or economic are difficult.

The beauty of this knowledge is that when we’ll be working with other people in harmony, cooperation and good intentions, the results we’ll get will be better and bigger than if we used this knowledge in exploiting and negative.

I learned directly from one of the most important and famous teachers of personal development – Bob Proctor. He also was one of the leading teachers in the known book and film “The Secret”. The knowledge I teach is a direct sequel to knowledge of the teachers from which Bob Proctor studied; Napoleon Hill and Earl Nigthtingale.

In the courses I teach, I combine that knowledge with methods of other teachers which I’ve studied and continue to learn. During my studies I found the roots of that ancient knowledge. It was written in the oldest book that exists about 6000 years – the Old Testament.

Q: Do I need coaching?

A: It is all depends on your level of awareness and what do you want to achieve in life.

If you understand that the results you have now in your life are according to the actions you’ve done yesterday, a week ago, a year ago or even more… then you can decide if you are happy with the results or not. If you are not happy with those results, probably you won’t be able to change them without the assistance of a coach; otherwise you would have done it before on your own.

If you don’t have any expectation from life and just want to live as the majority of humanity, which means to have only what life brings you… without goals or dreams… and you don’t even believe that you deserve it or can have it… Well my friend, you don’t need my coaching.

But if you are like the 5 % of successful people from humanity that have plans to succeed in life.

And you want to achieve all your dreams and goals… Then my friend, you want to have me as a coach beside you.

Did you know that all of the richest people in the world have a coach or a MasterMind group that assists them to get over the obstacles in their life and to achieve their dreams?

When you want to achieve outstanding results in your life, just like all those sports champions you must also have a coach. Your coach is the one that helps you define your worthy goals and helps you to get the results you want.

You need to decide whether you want to be a professional winner or to stay amateur.

Q: Can I get overcome my fears which block me?

A: YES ! you can overcome your fears, yet, you need to understand a few things about fears.

The fear is your friend, not your enemy. It’s a friend that helps you grow and develop. By fears you can know yourself better and grow faster. Through fear you get to know your courage. The purpose of fear is to slow you down at dangerous situations where you need to pay more attention to the warning signs that appear in your life.

One thing you need to be aware of is never let fear “blind” you in such a way that you can’t move forward.

Fear appears in our lives when we are facing “something” that we do not know, nor understand and have no previous experience.

Fear is the result of a lack, in nature there is no state of vacuum, when we lack of knowledge, the fear occupies that space. So when we fill that “space” with knowledge, fear will disappear.

I’ve been a scuba instructor for over 20 years, in the last 10 years I own my Diving School and taught about 1,500 students. In scuba diving it is important to overcome fear.

For me as an Instructor the most important course is the basic one, the Try Dive when you take a person who is completely inexperienced and in a short time, after basic explanations, you take him to dive.

That is when all fears are exposed. The challenge of a good diving instructor is not only help the person to overcome his fear, but to make him love the dive and go for his diving certificate.

I developed a technique for overcoming fears. This technique is effective and can be used in all areas of life, not just for diving. This technique has four stages: 1. Identify the person’s fear factor. 2. Study and understand the subject. 3. Relaxation, meditation and positive affirmations. 4. Execution of the cause of fear.

Repetition on the cause of fear will improve our performance and that will decrease the fear until it disappears.

Q : Would it also work for me ?

A: When you decide to start applying these ideas into your life, exactly like it happened to me and many other people I know, in a short time your awareness expands and you’ll start seeing the changes coming in all aspects of your life: relations, health and wealth.

You need to understand something important. When you reach the conclusion that you need and want to change the results which you get in your life, you should be open-minded to embrace new ideas. Because if you keep those old and familiar ways you will get exactly the same results you’ve already achieved.

I want you to think about the things I will tell you; at the beginning the things I say might not make sense to you, yet you need to give them the time required and to inspect the results you get.

Our growth and development is a process of constant learning.

I regularly continue to learn and expand my awareness. These are not academic studies, but studies to life. And that is also what will happen to you, once you start seeing the results of the change, you want to continue to understand it better.

This is exactly the same logic that when you go to a doctor or a lawyer you want to select those who keep updating themselves with new ideas and theories in their field.

Q: How can you (Jacob) help me?

A: My life path has led me to learn and experience many different areas, and now looking back I can say that what I experienced was the preparation to do what I love and have a great passion for: to Be a personal development coach.

My knowledge includes the experience of over 30 years in business, academic level of understanding of human society and the individual within it and my studies to understand the human mind.

During my life I had many successes, but also many failures. I drew conclusions but did not let the pain of failure divert me from the goals I set for myself. For many years I worked on myself to build and improve, to learn and fix… And now I want to give you my experience and knowledge to help you to improve and change your life. I want you to see you in a better place, the place where you want to be, and for that I’ll equip you with the “Tools” which will allow you to achieve your goals.

To be able to help you I want to hear from you what your desires (not your needs), so I can supply your wishes. My intentions are not to change you, but to give you the tools with which you can reach your wishes. It’s similar to the story I’m sure you are familiar with about the horse that you can bring to the water, but you cannot make him drink…

I’m a human and a coach (not always perfect) probably with similar experiences. I’m not a remote ideal with a shiny armour, I’m a person that you can touch. Someone that you can relate to and identify to my experiences and stories. And most of, I’m your friend.

A friend that “walks the talk”.

A friend that will give you his hand during your journey.

A friend that will tell you the truth, even if it’s not easy.

A friend that will help you to find your “Rainbow”.

Welcome on Board !

NOW, that you are familiar much more with the basic concepts of my coaching, you are welcome to decide how you would like to start your journey towards Success.

Write your name and address and I’ll start sending you free information about personal development.

Thank You.

Jacob Shekrel